Who We Are


We are agents advocating for social and political change, seeking to build a new constituency based on principles of justice, equality and dignity for all.

We create a space for ideological revolutionaries who advocate for a new role of governance and judicial balance across every sphere and sector.  It is a call to action to address what has been created universally through secrecy, violation, attitude and beliefs. 

The move is to initiate an activation of the phoenix potential that inherently lies within every individual, whatever the sphere of influence.  To inspire change that transcends the borders of self-comfort, despite the fear of humiliation or being labelled.  It is based on the belief that every individual has a choice, with the potential to trigger an epicenter of change. 

It is time to #riseup.  Make a stand.  The responsibility and call is for each soul, not the perceived leader, but to the leader that sits within each of us.  This is a call to action for every individual, to reverse the tide.  This is how we shape global order.

​This is the work of Revolution

This is how we hold Power accountable

#idreamfree houses the soul's potential to respond to the call to be the noblest of works. SERVICE

The plea for a safer world impassioned by the deepest personal question any human can ask themselves of ‘if not me, then who?’ allows us to stand in the gap when different choices are being called to be made.


Living for a dream is not easy.  It has the potential to take one to places of deep personal conflict and pain.  Places where one is reminded of what you could potentially loose.  For most, the struggle to contain the magnitude of the dream is real.  

The desire for change and rising up of the cry for a different world cannot be done by a lone voice.  #Riseup, so together, we can dream free.

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