What Can I Do?

First, establish an ethical framework that facilitates the collaboration of individuals across disciplines, who have made a conscious choice to stand against injustice, inequality and the violation of human dignity.

Second,  create a resonance and frequency in those who feel pulled towards the cause.  This is transmitted through the key foundational concepts: Activate ~ Transcend ~ Influence.

Third, influence thought leaders and policy makers by challenging belief systems, exploring the relational aspects of power dynamics and the consequences of those choices on human engagement.


#idreamfree is a container that houses individuals who are willing to think and act beyond what is traditionally known or accepted.  #idreamfree calls these minds revolutionary thinkers for they understand that no one holds the “rites” to their soul’s purpose, except themselves.

This is a call to release the ability to dream a new, multi-centric world into being and to establish and protect the dignity of all.  Through this platform, we connect, support and evolve, sharing access to unique and original content and modalities, integrated approaches and innovative thinking to inspire a new breed of thought leaders.  We combine our voices with our individual platforms to say #enough.